Gasket - Heldite Joining Compound

125ml Tin and Brush

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Heldite has been used in all areas of engineering for many years and is ideal for use with hydraulics, for this reason Heldite is used widely in the maintenance of tractors and farm equipment and has become an important component in every farmer’s workshop.  Heldite is an effective sealant against seepage or ingress of oils, gases, water and steams suitable for sealing all types of joint (not suitable for potable water), our 125ml tin comes with a brush applicator in the screw cap and is economical in use.

  • Flanged, screwed, compression unions
  • Rubber hoses, water pumps, radiators
  • Hydraulics, oil seals and sump gaskets
  • Suitable as a locking agent
  • Seals against leakage and ingress of oils, gases, water, steam and hydraulic fluids
  • Liquid compound – does not squeeze inside a joint which can cause damage to interior working parts.
  • Assembly of dissimilar metals
  • Non-abrasive with inherent plasticity
  • Waterproof and anti corrosive properties
  • Combats the effect of vibration and temperature change – temperature range - 40C to +350C