For some time now, OLD20 tractor parts has been one of the best suppliers for Perkins parts. Especially the vintage Perkins P3 engines fitted to the Ferguson tractors and the Perkins P6 diesel engines fitted into Fordson E27N tractors. Our range although extensive, does bring about questions for many parts that we simply can't offer including filters....until now!

One of the most obvious parts of a good engine service is of course the engines filters. Blocked or congested filters can cause your tractor engine to not work at its most efficient and also cause numerous problems such as;
  • Poor Performance,
  • 'Sputtering',
  • Strange engine noises,
  • Oil pressure drop
  • or Contaminated exhausts and emissions,
We have for a long time supplied filters based on what our suppliers have listed by application. However we have always requested that you, the customer, double check the filters or filter cartridges against the sizes we listed. Felt filters once used by a whole host of vintage engines can use or have now been replaced with paper or metal elements. However sometimes a cross-reference part number does not account for actually usablility in an engine.

Thus it was that earlier this year, after receiving a new/old stock, genuine 'CAV Service filter', we started developing a quality replacement for the Perkins P6 fuel filter. Interestingly this filter is not like a regular cartridge filter that you would find in another applcation or even like the felt filter elements used in David Brown tractors or early Ferguson T20's. It is made of a number of thick and thin felt squares which are then sandwiched together within a holder inside the filter unit.
Our 'New/Old Stock' Perkins P6 Filter
Our 'sample' filter going for reproduction

We spoke with various filter specialists and manufacturers before finally landing the correct pieces in order to make up the filter required. Best of all the pieces are manufactured in the UK and not only that; we have double checked the numbers with the Perkins P6 parts book we have to sure up the final details.

The filter was officially released at the Newark Tractor Show 2018 and sold out within hours! Now available online you can purchase yours below or check out the full information in our product listings.