Gaskets are very much, readiliy available nowadays. Where once you would have struggled to find, had to use the old one or even cut your own - more often than not most gaskets are available for pretty much any part on your old tractor (Trust us. We have hundreds in our stores!) However sometimes the right gasket can't be sourced or you don't have the time to sit about waiting for a new one to arrive - its typical. Theres always that one part you forget to order...

Never fear. What if we told you there is a product that is perfect for all these jobs and more. Its non-abrasive and inert, its adhesive and seals, it will resist moisture and, even if you do have the gasket, will work perfectly well with paper. Plus; it has a proven track record of over 90 years in different industries and on different applications.... Heldite is that product!
Heldite Jointing Compound
Image Source: Rustins Ltd.

Heldite was recognised for its excellent properties in 1929 when it was used on a Rolls-Royce S6 Seaplane. The S6 was the forerunner of the world famous Spitfire fighter aircraft and had won the Schneider Trophy Contest. Its remarkable application on the S6 was the sealing of rivetted joints on the duralumin floats which served both as bouyancy and petrol tanks. It was found that the tanks sealed with Heldite also overcame the problems of corrosion from sea water! Heldite has also found its way to being used in Bentley cars and the record breaking 'Flying Scotsman' steam locamotive.*


Heldite can prevent the leakage of Petrol, Diesel, Fuel, Hydraulic Fluids, Oils, Paraffin, LPG's, Coolants, Water, Steam and Gases - anywhere that these products are used, so too can Heldite.

Flexibility & Adhesion

With its plasticity, Heldite can combat the effects of temperature and pressure changes, shifting levels and stresses associated with the assembly of dissimilar metals. Its ahesive properties mean it can not only assist with the location of gaskets but can also be an effective locking sealant as additional security to nuts, studs, splines and pressfit bearings.

Anti-Corrosive and Inert

Heldite does not react with metals, rubber or other materials with which it is in contact. It will inhibit stud corrosion and applied as a tank liner, will give protection against a wide variety of chemicals. Used as a coating between two dissimilar metals such as steel and brass, it will prevent electrolytic action from the effects of water.


Heldite contains no abrasive material and will not damage highly machined joint faces or such components as aluminium cylinder heads.

Method of Application

Apply a coat of Heldite to each face and allow it to remain a few moments until the jointing becomes tacky. Close the joint. For screwed joints, apply one coat to each mating thread and screw up immediately. 

All joints must be clean, dry and free from any cleaning agents. Multiple applications, for example to a warped cylinder head, can often avoid the need for re-machining.

For joints with washers of cork or absorbent material, apply one coat to each side of the washer or gasket and allow this to soak in. A second coat should be applied to the joint faces. Allow it to become tacky and then close the joint.

Heldite is easy to apply anywhere!

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* Referenced from Heldite's own marketing material.