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Primer Pump Replacement Kit



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Tractors < Fordson and Ford < Vintage < Dexta
Tractors < Fordson and Ford < Vintage < Super Dexta

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Section Fuel
Tractor Fordson
This kit has been designed and put togther exclusively by OLD 20 Parts Co. to fill a need in our current marketplace. We have found the replica kigas / fuel primer pumps being manufactured are of a very low quality and so end up leaking as badly as the old ones do.

Therefore we saw it time to offer a replacement option that would fit, not look out of place and mean you were no longer losing expensive fuel all over the floor.

The kit works by replacing the primer pump with an on/off fuel tap which feeds the injector pump. The excess fuel from the injectors is drawn off to a auxilary fuel tank which then in turn feeds the new 'thermostart' heater plug in the inlet manifold. These 'thermostart' heater plugs are deisgned to automatically supply fuel and heat until it is no longer required.

We have sold many of these kits since introduction and have had no problems with people fitting and using them on their tractors... we even use one on our Super Dexta!

For full installation instructions, download the PDF sheet on the 'Downloads' tab below.
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Primer Pump Replacement Kit

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