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Tractor Sections

Part and spares categorised by areas and sections of the tractor. Engine parts, cooling parts, exhaust parts, front axle, steering and so much more!

Tractor Sections


  • Engine
    Pistons, Liners, Oil Seals, Crankshafts - If you need to get your tractor up and running, the engine is its beating heart! Don't let it fail on your and keep up to date with all our vintage tractor, classic tractor and modern tractor parts
  • Filtration
    Tractor filters for engines, rear axles, power steering, air and many more!
  • Electrical
    Switches, lights, wiring, sensors and more. Everything you need to fix your tractors electrical needs.
  • Front Axle (2WD)
    Parts and spares to suit tractors with two wheel drive front axles.
  • Front Axle (4WD)
    Parts and spares to suit tractors with four wheel drive front axles. This includes Carraro, ZF, Ford, MF and many more
  • Steering
    Steering Wheels, Arms, Steering Boxes and more to suit many vintage, classic and modern tractors
  • Clutch & Flywheel
    Clutch & Flywheel Parts including Single, Dual and PTO Packs
  • Transmission
    Hardwearing spares for the Transmission and Gearbox of most agricultural tractors
  • Rear Axle
    Rear Axle parts for most tractors including large wheels and tyres, bolts, studs, seals and gaskets
  • Brakes
    STOP! Don't forget to check your tractor brakes and stopping mechanisms for your safety.
  • Hydraulics
    Harry Ferguson invented the famous three point linkage on the Ferguson T20 but now it has moved on so much more! Get a little lift with all the parts we offer...
  • Linkage
    The famous 'Handshake Agreement' between Harry and Henry showed the world a new way to connect tractors to farming implements. Check out all our parts for making your machines work with your implements
  • Panels & Body
    High Quality Panels, Tinwork and Mudguards as well as all the decals, chrome parts and finishing touches to bring your tractor to life!
  • Cab
    Quiet Cabs, Flat Deck Cabs, Q-Cabs, Flexi-Cabs... Ride comfort has been improved so much over the years. Check out all the spares available to make your machine easier to drive.


Size: 6.5" inch
Price £138.00 inc. VAT

£115.00 tax excl.


Actuator Rod

Length: 170mm,
Fork Outer Width: 29mm,
Fork Inner Width: 14mm,
Thread Length: 75mm
Price £21.00 inc. VAT

£17.50 tax excl.